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The Association of Merchanges of Los Alcázares was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization.

Created to bring together all the merchants that keep their establishments open year round, with the aim of fighting against the seasonal nature of the coastal areas and against the excessive competition of the big box stores that compromise the possibility of subsistence and drown the development of businesses, believing firmly in associating as an effective tool for our subsistence.

Aware that there is strength in numbers, we have worked year after year to gain new members; on the consolidation of the Association and on developing future products that help to modernize and bring businesses up-to-date; for specialization as a characteristic, for the search for and development of new trends; to facilitate the continuous training of the self-employed and salaried; and the application of new techniques and technologies in traditional merchant management; as well as towards a constant presence in the social, cultural, and economic life of Los Alcázares.
It is therefore a multisectorial association, with numerous members and in continuous growth.

A.C.L.A. is also affiliated with F.E.C.O.M. (Federation of Merchants of Murcia) and for our number of associates we have two representatives on its board of directors to create our proposals.

With the purpose that all merchants and businesses of Los Alcázares have a strong, firm, and unified voice in defense of its interests and of the efficient development of our town, we invite all merchants, businesses and professionals to unite with the A.C.L.A so that together we can confront the important challenges that are faced in business, commercial, and professional activity. We will also be prepared for the imminent tourist development that is expected in the Mar Menor region, which will benefit us all, improving the level and quality of life we enjoy.

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